Welcome to an introduction to Ektron, the website content management system for Moody Bible Institute. In this video, you’ll learn:
  1. How to log in to Ektron.
  2. How to navigate to website content.
  3. How to edit, save, and check-in website content.
  4. And how to submit content to be published.


To log into Ektron, navigate to this URL, moody.edu/cmslogin.aspx. Enter your Moody username and password and click Login.

To launch Ektron, click on the Workarea link. The Workarea is where web content is stored and managed.

To keep your desktop clean, and reduce the number of windows you have open, I recommend you copy and paste the workarea link in a new tab.


Once in the Workarea, you’ll see several tabs at the top. The Content tab is where your website’s text, links, and pages are managed. The Library is where files and images are stored.

On the left side of the Content window, you’ll see a folder tree. Each folder in this tree represents a Moody website. Conferences for MoodyConferences.com. EDU for moody.edu. Portal for myMoody department websites, and so on.

Within each folder are subfolders that organize each website’s content. Within each subfolder are “content blocks.” These are blocks of text that make up each website page.

To edit a content block, click on the arrow next to the block title. In the dropdown, click the Edit button.


When a content block is being edited by a user, it cannot be edited by anyone else. Much like a library book is checked out and no longer available, a content block follows the same logic. Content can only be checked out for editing by one person at a time. In order for someone else to edit the content block, it has to be checked back in or submitted for publishing.

To check a content block in, click the “Check In” button at the top of the editing area. This action will save any changes you’ve made to the content, but will not submit the content for publishing.

To save your work without checking in, click the Save button.

To cancel any changes you’ve made, click the Undo Check Out button.


After you’ve made your content changes and you’re ready for the content to be published, you’ll click the SUBMIT button at the top of the editing area. You’ll see that mine says PUBLISH, that’s because I have permissions to publish live.

When you click SUBMIT, your content is sent through an approval chain. Approvers check the content for correct spelling, formatting, and style. Once they have reviewed your content, they will publish and the content will be live on your website. You should receive a confirmation email after your content has been published.