1. In the content editor, click on the Insert Table button.
ScreenHunter_16 Nov. 13 13.16.jpg
2. Drag your mouse over the table boxes to choose the desired dimensions of your table.
ScreenHunter_17 Nov. 13 13.23.jpg
3. To edit content within your new table, click inside the dashed boxes that form the table.
4. In order to edit your table after it has been made, click on the Set Table Properties button.
ScreenHunter_18 Nov. 13 13.38.jpg
5. The Table Design tab allows you to insert and remove rows and columns. The Table Properties tab adjusts the dimensions, layout and other style properties. The Cell Properties adjusts the style properties of specific cells in the table.

ScreenHunter_21 Nov. 13 14.02.jpg
6. An alternative editing option can be found at the bottom of the content editing block. Here you can change the width, height, alignment and other preferences of the table.

ScreenHunter_26 Nov. 14 14.26.jpg
Other options are found in the standard editing toolbar. Hovering over each button reveals a description of the button.

ScreenHunter_27 Nov. 15 08.43.jpg