Welcome to Ektron content editing basics

In this video, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Add an image already in the Ektron Library
  2. Adding new images
  3. Styling images

Adding image already in Library

Locate the content block that requires the image in the CMS workarea under the Content tab.

Click on the desired content block, and click on the EDIT button in the top left corner above the content properties.

photo 3.JPG

Click within the content area. The format buttons should be selectable.

Find the Library button (looks like a file folder, see image) and click on it.


This will open a file explorer of all the files on Ektron.

Select the folder the image needs to be uploaded to in the left folder column.

When the desired folder is selected, click ADD LIBRARY button on the top left off the library folder viewing window.

photo 4.JPG

Click on the Browse (or Choose File) button and find the image on your local computer explorer.

Fill in the title box and click ADD LIBRARY.

photo 1.JPG

Styling Images

To change the alignment of the image, select the Apply Style drop down in the formatting options.
  • IMG.imageborderRight = right aligned with a blue border.
  • IMG.imageborderLeft = left aligned

photo 2.JPG

11. Click and drag the picture to desired location within the content.

12. Click SUBMIT to save the content block and submit into publishing approval chain.