Welcome to Ektron Training.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  1. A basic introduction to the Ektron Library.
  2. What types of assets exist in the Ektron Library
  3. How to add a file to the library
  4. How to add an image to the library.

The Ektron library houses all files and images that are placed on the Websites controlled by Ektron. To access the library, navigate to the library tab in the Ektron workspace main navigation at the top of the page.
The folder system in the library directly corresponds to the folder system in the content editing tab.

In the folder tree, navigate to EDU > Website_Assets. This is where all files for the Education website is stored.

Files such as PDFs, Word documents and Spreadsheets reside in this folder.

Within the Files folder, subfolders correspond to various EDU pages that require files.

To view these different file types in the library, click the first drop down in the tool bar at the top of the page. Here you have the option to select
  • Files
  • Forms
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Quicklinks
For the library, you will only deal with files and Images.

To add a file

Navigate to the folder that appropriately parallels where it will be linked on the website, for this example we will be adding a PDF of basketball statistics for 2015 to the Athletics folder.

Click ADD in the top right corner of the main workarea window, located similarly to the button you would use to edit content in the content folder.

Enter a title for your file that will help you find your file later when linking it to a website.

Next, we will upload the file from the computer. Click Choose file and a file explorer will appear, giving you access to the files on your computer.

Navigate to the file you wish to upload.

Select the file and click open in the bottom right corner of the page.

Click save, and you have successfully uploaded a file to the Ektron Library.

Uploading images is a similar process. Simply navigate to the correct location in the Images folder and change the drop down in the tool bar to “Images.” From here, follow the same procedure as you would to add a file.