1. In Ektron, access the blog folders by navigating to EDU > Pages > Landing Pages > MDL Faculty > blog.

2. Open the topic the new blog is related to below the Blog folder, and open the articles folders.

ektron 1.JPG

3. In the top action menu, select NEW and then (EDU)BlogPost from the dropdown to open the Blog Post Smart Form.

ektron 2.JPG

4. Type in the title of your blog post in the top bar labeled Title.

5. Fill in a summary of the post in the box labeled Summary. This will provide a preview of the article in the listings of other blog articles. (You will use this same summary under the Summary tab, and in the MetaData Search Description.)

6. Click on the graphic under Image to add an image to the article. The photo should be 174 pixels by 198 pixels.

7. Click on the edit button (graphic) to add content into the Detail Page Content box.

ektron 4.JPG

8. Click on the Summary tab and add the same summary as summary in the content tab.

9. In the Metadata tab, in the (shr_des)Browser Title: * box,add the browser title with the format: "[Blog Title] | MDL Faculty Blog".

10. Change the (edu_str)PreviousBar: to No.

11. Then in the (shr_des)Robots box, move all the elements to the Included box.

Ektron 6.JPG

12. After navigating to the Category tab, check the boxes that correspond to the categories that the blog relates. More than one of these can be selected.

ektron 5.JPG

13. Click SUBMIT and the blog article will enter the approval chain until it is published.