Bios and Profiles

Professional Bios for Moody Radio

1. Keep it brief: two paragraphs at most.
2. Keep it informal: use full name on first reference, and first name after that.
3. Keep it relevant: include only the information listeners need to know to relate to the host:


Professional title and present ministry
Awards (NRB, etc.), affiliations (boards, etc.), and accomplishments (books, etc.)
Personal information (family and outside interests—optional)


Jane Smith is host and executive producer of The Moody Radio Hour at WXYZ FM in Fair Oaks, N.H. She received her bachelor of science degree in Communications from the University of Southern Washington (Walla Walla, Wash.) and her M.Div. from Christian Theological Seminary (El Limon, Nev.).

Jane is the 2012 National Religious Broadcasters Radio Personality of the Year, and serves on the board of Orphan Missions International. Jane recently authored her first book for teens, When God Calls, Don’t Hang Up. She enjoys field hockey, and plays the organ at First Congregational Church in Fair Oaks. She and her husband, Dale, have seven children and live in Valley View, N.H.

Guest Bios for Moody Radio

Same as above, but slightly more formal: use full name (with title if applicable) on first reference, and last name (without title) after that.


Dr. Howard Hendricks is chairman of the Center for Christian Leadership and distinguished professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. Hendricks continues to speak and minister in several countries through speaking engagements, radio, tapes and films. (Etc.)

Faculty Profiles for Education

Use (edu)Faculty smart form.


Start Date
Month Year (July 2004, etc.)

Personal Information
Include past professional experience, awards, affiliations, accomplishments, present research, areas of expertise, etc., in prose form.

Educational Background
Bulleted list of degrees and certifications, in order of advancement (B.A. Political Science, University of Wisconsin, etc.)

Use MLA style for formatting publications. List books, articles, Web articles and other media, in that order, with each category bolded. If multiple categories, use bulleted list in each category, starting with the most recent in each category.

Professional/Personal Interests
Include family and outside interests, in prose form—optional. Outside of teaching position at Moody, list interests, hobbies, ministry pursuits, family life.


Michael Rydelnik

Title: Professor of Jewish Studies
Department: World Missions and Evangelism
School/Area: Undergraduate
Position: Teaching
Start Date: January 1994
Educational Background:
  • Diploma, Moody Bible Institute
  • B.A., Azusa Pacific University
  • Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary
  • D.Miss., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

  • The Messianic Hope: Is the Hebrew Bible Messianic? Nashville: Broadman Holman. (Forthcoming 2008)
  • My Search for Messiah. Grand Rapids: Discovery House. (Forthcoming)

Book Chapters:
  • “Ground Zero: The Centrality of Israel in Bible Prophecy.” In Prophecy Light of Today, ed. Charles H. Dyer. Moody, 2002

  • “An Extended Review of Paul the Convert.” Mishkan. (1995)

Professional/Personal Interests:
Research Interests: Messianic prophecy; use of the Old Testament in the New; the relationship of the Law of Moses to the New Covenant believer; the history of Jewish Christianity; Jewish missions and Jewish/Christian relations; Zionism and modern Israel; the Bible as canonical literature

Other interests: Baseball, politics, literature, preaching, taking students to Israel, hiking and biking