Create a Giving Form

Each giving form page itself is controlled by a giving from smart form. The purpose of the giving form smart form is first to provide an addressable page, but second and more importantly, in conjunction with the designation taxonomies, to allow the content manager to control the designations that appear on each giving form. A giving form may offer a single designation or a selectable designations as detailed below, and the giving form smart form is where the content manager specifies this configuration for each giving form. Additionally, the giving form smart form controls the introductory content that appears above the designation drop-down selections or designation marketing content.

Below is an example of a giving form smart form for the "main" Corporate giving form. Please see the descriptions of each field that follow the image to understand what each field controls and how you can control the configuration of a giving form using them.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 10.40.24 AM.png

  • Form Controller: a content selector to select a giving form controller smart form (controls labels and other low-level configuration for the giving from). There may be instances where changing the giving form controller is needed, but in most cases the default for tha appropriate language should be used.
  • Intro Paragraph: the rich-text in this field introduces the giving from, providing a branding opportunity for the giving form and its designations as a whole. It may be used to describing the designations to be selected from if multiple designations are displayed. It appears at the top of the form above the designation selection (if any) and designation information.
  • Designation: one of the following options must be populated for the giving from to work correctly:
    • Single Designation: if the giving form will feature a single designation, use the content selector to specify the designation item smart form content block (see below).
    • Drop Down Selection Driven Designations: if the giving form will feature multiple designation options from which the user may choose a designation, use the category selector to choose the parent taxonomy category from (giving)Designation Dropdowns. See below for a discussion about creating taxonomies to drive multiple designation smart forms.

Aside from completing the fields on the smart form, the following items will need to be provided to complete content entry for a giving form and make it ready for public use:

  • Metadata:
    • (shr_str)Browser Title: this metadata field controls the browser title.
    • (shr_str)Search Description: this metadata field controls the search description that is used in various places in Ektron and possibly Google Custom Search (need to verify this?)
    • (shr_str)Search Keywords: this metadata field allows search keywords to be created to be used by Ektron search and possibly Google Custom Search (need to verify this?)
    • (shr_str)Right Column Content: this metadata selector controls the right column content displayed for the giving form. Please see below for a discussion of right column content for giving forms.
  • Aliases: create a primary alias for the giving form page. All aliases should be prefixed with "giving/". Example:

Single Designation

Below is an example of a giving form with a single designation. For giving forms with single designations, the user does not need to make a selection for designations. The branding, description, and premium (if any), from the designation item smart form automatically appear at the top of the giving form.
Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.54.55 PM.png

Having already created the designation item smart form, you can create a single designation smart form be completing the steps above and selecting the designation item smart from content block with the Single Designation content selector (see above).

Multiple Designations

A giving form with multiple designations as defined by a hierarchy up to three levels using an Ektron taxonomy, is the other type of giving form that can be created. Below is an example of a multiple designation giving form (the "main" giving form, drilling down into Moody Radio's designations) showing the three levels of designations available on that form. The branding, description, and premium (if any) of the selected designation appear below the designation drop-down menus, and these update with any changes made to the designation selection.
Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.56.35 PM.png

To create the hierarchies that controls these drop-down menus, we utilize Ektron's taxonomy feature.

Adding/Editing Giving Form Right Column Content

Right column content (default shown below) may be added to any giving form following the same procedure as adding right column content to most other Ektron pages. This is done by creating content clock for the right column content and assigning it to the (shr_str)Right Column Content metadata item in the giving form smart form content block. The assigned right column will appear for all designations on that giving form, that is to say, right column content is assigned to giving forms NOT designation items. There is not a way to have different right column content for each designation without creating separate giving forms for each designation.

The default English and Spanish right column content blocks ("Giving Form RC" and "Giving Form RC - Spanish") have been created in the Folders/Corporate/Web Communications/Right Column/Content/Assigned/Giving folder, and new right column content blocks should be created in this folder as well. The default right column content should be used in most cases, and any custom right column content should include the default right column content.
Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.57.37 PM.png