Moody Alumni: Events

1. Navigate CMS to Education > Alumni > Events > Collection
2. Mouse over New and then click (edu) Event_Item


  • Title of the event, location (“Midwest Bible Conference, Detroit, Mich.”)
  • If a Gathering: Alumni Gathering – Mass. MM.DD
    (Mass. as state, MM as month and DD as day)

Event Start Date and Event End Date
If the event is just one day, don’t put an End Date

Item Detail

  • Copy from a previous event and use that as a template.
  • Save all event details as separate Word docs under M:\Web\Events as they will disappear from the website once the event has happened.


  • This will appear under the Events sidebar on the main page as well as on the main Events page.
  • Should be brief (only one sentence) and don’t forget to add the “[>]” at the end.


  • Search Description: same as Title
  • Search Keywords: Moody;MBI;Alumni;Events;[name of event]
  • Browser Title:
    Moody Bible Institute | Alumni | Moody Alumni Events | [same as title]


  • Start Date: the day you want the event to appear on the website, normally today
  • End Date: the day you want the even to be removed from the website. Usually midnight, the day after the event is over.


  • Alumni Events should be selected
  • Run Spell Check
  • Click the Submit button at the upper left to add the event to the website