Moody Radio Programs and Specials

Title style

Programs should be italicized in all instances. Put program episodes (also called programs) in quotation marks.
  • The May 20 program of Chris Fabry Live! was called, “What is Grace?”

Special titles should be placed inside quotation marks.
  • Enjoy traditional Christmas songs on Moody Radio’s “The Sounds of Christmas.”

Moody Radio Program Titles and Descriptions

A Love Language Minute
A weekly one-minute program that encourages couples to grow in their marriage. A Love Language Minute is hosted by bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman.

Best of In the Market with Janet Parshall
Always use full name, not Best of In the Market

Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman
A weekly 54-minute program offering life-changing insight and realistic advice rooted in the Word. Hosted by bestselling author, Dr. Gary Chapman, Building Relationships is designed to provide fun and informative, practical help for your marriage.

Celebration of Praise
A weekly three-hour program that endeavors to bridge music divides and unite Christians in worship. Hosted by Roy Patterson, Celebration of Praise encourages listeners to remember that heaven will be a place of diverse worshipers from every tribe, tongue and kind.

Chris Fabry Live!
Chris Fabry Live! is designed to build up the spiritual immune system of the Christian man and woman. Current events and issues, caller interaction, special guests, and a few surprises all complement each other on this program. Chris Fabry Live! challenges and encourages listeners in their journeys of faith.

Conference Echoes
A weekly program that presents classic messages of notable Bible speakers from Moody Bible Institute events.

Inside Look with Greg Wheatley
Greg Wheatley takes you behind the scenes of everyday issues that affect us all in this weekly program.

In the Market with Janet Parshall
Always use full name, not In the Market
In the Market with Janet Parshall, challenges listeners to examine major news stories and issues being debated in the marketplace of ideas and speaks to them with the Word of God. In this fast-paced, caller-driven program, Janet evaluates newsworthy topics with guests and listeners using the Bible as a framework for discussion. This daily program addresses relevant issues important to Christians, with an engaging mix of listener interaction and commentary from highly respected guests.

Living a Legacy
A weekly 24-minute Bible-teaching program featuring Dr. Crawford Loritts. Each program is full of in-depth teaching, challenging lessons and practical applications—all grounded firmly in the Bible. The goal of this program is to bring about spiritual awakening and maturity in the body of Christ, through a clear message from God’s Word.

Midday Connection
A live 55-minute radio program designed to encourage women, with a focus on growing the whole person: body, mind and soul. Hosted by Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt, the program brings listeners relevant content about marriage, parenting, the workplace, finances and issues that affect their spiritual lives. Midday Connection is a community of women growing together.

Moody Presents
Moody Presents is a weekly 26-minute teaching program hosted by Jon Gauger. Join us as we feature the best preaching of past Moody Bible Institute presidents, as well as Moody's current president, Dr. Paul Nyquist.

Music for Saturday
A weekly four-hour program that encourages listeners to reflect on God’s goodness through music and devotional thoughts. Music for Saturday is hosted by Donna Leland.

Music for Sunday
A weekly six-hour program that encourages listeners to reflect on God’s goodness through music and devotional thoughts. Music for Sunday is hosted by Roy Patterson.

Music Thru The Night
An overnight program, hosted by Mike Kellogg, that blends personal biblical insight and encouraging stories of believers with warm inspirational music. Music Thru The Night ministers to a wide demographic of listeners—both young and old—and serves as a reminder to look to the power of Jesus Christ over the disabling, negative influences of this dark world.

Sound of Majesty
A daily one-hour program that introduces listeners to the grandeur and majesty of sacred music. Sound of Majesty is hosted by Greg Wheatley.

A weekly program that highlights the best segments of several programs aired on Moody Radio each week. Soundfile combines highlights of Midday Connection, Chris Fabry Live!, Music Thru the Night, In the Market with Janet Parshall and Today in the Word.

Stories of Great Christians
A daily 15-minute program featuring the dramatized stories of some great leaders of the Christian Church.

Sunday Praise
A weekly three-hour program that prepares listeners to worship Jesus in their respective Sunday services. Sunday Praise helps listeners remember who they are in Christ, and focus on what is lasting and truly important.

The Land and the Book with Dr. Charlie Dyer
Dr. Charlie Dyer helps you understand the complex tapestry of people and events that make up Israel and the Middle East from a biblical perspective.

The Word in Song
An evening music program that features praise and worship selections, as well as inspirational favorites. The Word in Song, hosted by Donna Leland, helps us to focus our eyes on Jesus Christ and live our lives to please Him.

Today in the Word
Today in the Word features daily messages from the wide variety of pastors and evangelists who have spoken at Moody Bible Institute conferences and events over the years. Today in the Word also showcases biblical analysis, commentaries, Bible questions and answers, teaching segments from Moody classrooms and special features on God at work through Moody students, faculty and alumni.

Voices of the Past
A weekly 55-minute program that presents prominent Christian speakers, such as Vance Havner, Bruce Dunn, Corrie ten Boom and many others, who challenged audiences during their time on earth. Now, through Voices of the Past, their message of God’s timeless truth can be heard again today.