Ektron Metadata Explanation and Format

Search Description

A brief summary of your page’s content that appears in search engine results and Facebook sharing. Try to include keywords and keep below 150 characters. (e.g. Moody Bible Institute’s Israel tour schedule)

Search Keywords

Words and phrases users would search to find this page. Drives Ektron's search engine. Include the default and add keywords describing your content. (e.g. Israel tour, Founder's Week)

Browser Titles

Browser titles help explain to the user where they are in the site's navigation. Search engines also use keywords in browser titles to influence search results, making it important that page titles are included.
  • Most cases: walk down navigation, each step separated by “|”
  • Limit of four “steps”
  • Eliminate “steps” wherever possible because of repetition, with discretion and consistency
  • Tabbed sub-navigation (5th level), separated by “ – ” (space, hyphen, space)



Begins with Moody Bible Institute and walks down navigation
“Moody Bible Institute | About Moody | Our Beliefs | Purpose and Values”


Main news page, “Moody Bible Institute | [Year] News”
Story Format:
Moody Bible Institute | [Year] News | [Story Title]
“Moody Bible Institute | 2010 News |Moody President Paul Nyquist Named Time Man of The Year”


Main event page, “Moody Bible Institute | Events”
Event Format:
Moody Bible Institute | [Year] Events | [Event Name]
“Moody Bible Institute | 2012 Events | Candlelight Carols”



Remove “steps” wherever possible (when navigation is repetitious or displaying is unneeded)
“Moody Bible Institute | Applying to Moody | Admission Requirements | General Admissions – Home School Candidates” (can be cut to)
“Moody Bible Institute | Admission Requirements | Home School Candidates”


Moody Bible Institute | [Level] Programs | [Program Title] | [Program Specific] – [Tabbed Navigation]
“Moody Bible Institute | Undergraduate Programs | Bible | Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies "


Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School | [Sub Nav]
Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School | Master of Divinity - In Action

Distance Learning

Moody Bible Institute - Distance Learning | [Sub Nav]
“Moody Bible Institute - Distance Learning | Regional Classrooms | Miami, Florida”



Moody Radio | [Sub Nav]
“Moody Radio | Contact Us”


Moody Radio | [Program Title] | [Sub Nav]
“Moody Radio | Midday Connection | Today’s Program”

Past Programs

Moody Radio | [Program Title] | [Program Date] - [Program Title/Guest]
“Moody Radio | Midday Connection | April 15, 2010 - Life Mapping”
“Moody Radio | Land and the Book | Dec. 5, 2011 - Dr. Mark Davis”


Moody Conferences | [Conference Name/Description] | [Conference Nav]
“Moody Conferences | Men’s Conference | Schedule and Topics”